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What is Hyperdontia?

What is Hyperdontia?

Sometimes children are born with supernumerary, or additional, teeth, which is an oral condition called “hyperdontia.” Extreme cases are very rare, and the majority of cases are limited to only a single tooth. The standard number of primary teeth is 20, and the standard number of permanent teeth is 32. The first set of teeth to erupt in a person’s mouth are the primary teeth. Typically these appear by the age of 3, and are shed by the age of 12. Permanent teeth are usually erupted by the age of 21, and take the place of those primary teeth. If a person develops more than 20 primary teeth, or more than 32 permanent teeth, the condition is known as hyperdontia.

Supernumerary teeth are often classified by shape and by position. The shapes include the following:

  • Supplemental, where the tooth has a normal shape for the teeth in that series
  • Tuberculate, or “barrel shaped”
  • Conical, or “peg shaped”

There is evidence of hereditary factors leading to hyperdontia, although the exact cause is unclear. Often, there are conditions that may accompany hyperdontia, such as cleidocranial dysplasia, Ehler-Danlos syndrome, Gardner syndrome, or cleft lip and palate. Hyperdontia is rare in people with no other associated diseases or syndromes, and it affects approximately one and four percent of the United States population.

Depending on the individual case of hyperdontia, there are several options when it comes to dealing with the condition. According to the potential problem supernumerary teeth and their type may pose, treatments plans your doctors suggests may vary. Orthodontic treatment often will help, and extraction may also be necessary. Children should typically receive a dental evaluation by the age of 7. This not only ensures a thorough hygiene evaluation, but will also uncover any potential complications due to hyperdontia.

If you think you or your child may be suffering from hyperdontia, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. We will help you determine if orthodontic treatment is the right course of treatment for you!



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

At this time of year, we are all reflecting over the previous year’s triumphs (and learning from our not so triumphant moments!), and we are all racking our brains to chart a new course for healthier living. And no matter how long those good intentions last, it’s certainly never a bad idea to be thinking about adopting a healthier lifestyle, especially after the sugar consumption that most likely ensued during the holiday season. Why not make the resolution to improve your smile, and overall oral health? We can help you get back on track!

The New Year is actually the perfect time to consider your oral health and ways to improve your smile. It’s the perfect time to make an appointment, and your insurance resets. Our friendly team members are happy to answer any questions you have regarding insurance coverage and any other financial questions you have. These days there are more options than ever to help you improve your smile!

We understand that thinking about orthodontia can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing. There are so many more options available than the traditional metal brackets, and how in the world will you find the right option for you? There’s no reason to panic! Our orthodontist and staff will present all the options that are best for you, and assist you every step of the way. It’s never been easier!

New and Improved Orthodontic Treatment

Gone are the days when bulky metal brackets were your only option for orthodontic treatment. Today there are several options for orthodontic treatment that will improve your smile. From traditional braces, to cutting edge technology, our orthodontist will help you find what’s right for you!

Traditional vs. Invisalign

Traditional braces are bonded directly to your teeth, and metal brackets are the most popular because they are so durable. However, many adult patients want a less obvious option, and porcelain brackets are another possibility for treatment. If a completely clear option is what you’re going for, you may want to consider Invisalign. Invisalign is a very popular treatment option these days. The Invisalign treatment system uses a series of removable clear retainers that are changed out as specified by your orthodontist. Impressions are taken of your teeth, and the clear retainers are custom made for you.

Considering All Options

Our orthodontist has the expertise to assist you in deciding what course of orthodontic treatment is best for you. After evaluating all options, and understanding the involvement and cost of each option, you will be able to make an educated decision on your course of treatment.

Do not hesitate to call our office today with any questions you may have. There’s never been a better time to put your best SMILE forward. Happy New Year!